Wednesday, May 7, 2014

News Corp Buys Torstar's Harlequin

Last Friday, News Corp announced the purchase of Canadian media company Torstar's book business Harlequin, best known as a romance novel focused publisher, for C$455 million (or roughly 8x 2013 EBITDA of C$56 million).  I think its an interesting deal for both sides, more of an incremental move at News Corp and a transformational one at Torstar.

News Corp
News Corp was spun off of Twenty-First Century Fox last year (it was the spinoff but kept the name of the original parent) and unlike other recent spinoffs, the parent didn't saddle it with debt but instead let it go with $2.5 billion in excess cash.  Originally News Corp created a share repurchase plan and discussed initiating a dividend, but it seems like plans have changed as neither have been utilized and instead News Corp has made a couple small digital purchases in Storyful and a UK Luxury Shopping site.  Now comes a larger one in Harlequin, which is expected to be accretive to earnings and improve News Corp's free cash flow immediately.

Harlequin has a strong brand and a loyal repeat customer base but has experienced trouble making the transition from print to digital under Torstar, maybe under News Corp this trend will improve?  Romance novels initially seem like a great fit to be purchased and read digitally.  Books like 50 Shades of Gray are incredibly popular, yet no one likes to be seen reading a copy on the train, it's easier and more stigma free to read it on your morning commute on a Kindle.  Hopefully News Corp can implement some best practices learned from HarperCollins' move to digital at Harlequin, strip out some fixed costs, and cross sell HarperCollins books through Harlequin's much larger international distribution channel.  It seems like News Corp paid full price, but as a strategic buyer there are some efficiencies to be gained anyway. 

I still think News Corp is an interesting spinoff as I outlined in this earlier post, they have a collection of book publishing and Australian assets that together with their cash position roughly equal the market cap of the entire company.  The majority of their revenue actually comes from the remaining newspaper assets, which have strong valuable brands, but will take time to transition from print to digital.  In the meantime, Murdoch has hinted at even more deals in the works, he's probably not done yet for the year.

From Torstar's angle, it was interesting to listen to their investor call on Friday, analysts were congratulating the company on getting a full valuation for Harlequin, sending the stock price up over 20% on the news.  The deal is more transformational for Torstar than it is for News Corp, Torstar will use the proceeds to pay down their debt and will be left with approximately C$260 million in net cash.  Initially it sounds like Torstar will be investing the proceeds into the business or making an acquisition versus returning it to shareholders.  Torstar's remaining businesses include the Toronto Star, 115 weekly community newspapers, and several joint venture holdings in other media assets.  Maybe they could roll-up additional community newspapers in a similar fashion to New Media's strategy?  It also sports a large dividend; on the surface it still looks pretty cheap.

Disclosure: I own shares of NWSA

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